After many years supplying reliable coil and electronic ballasts to the world market Accent Hydroponics is proud to announce the most revolutionary advancements in electronic ballast technology, the SMART POWERPLANT SE / DE 1000-750-600W + BST 240/400V RF Silent Operates 230V & 400V HPS and MH Lamps, Double End Or Single End Lamps Protection for voltage overload, Underload, end of lamp life, open/short circuit detection. Stable operation from 180-265VAC using APFC Low inrush on mains supply using quality pre regulators High power efficiency @>93% Four level dimming 1100W -1000W-750W-600W 100HZ output at all dimmed settings for better lamp efficency and output. No fan silent cooling built for Australian conditions Ignition Voltage 4.5KV Max case temperature tolerance 70c Operating temperature range -20c ~ +40c

POWERPLANT SE / DE 1000-750-600W+ DIGI 240/400V

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