Lumatek is one of the leading brands of Electronic Ballast In the hydroponic and horticultural world.

Lumatek Electronic Ballasts are extremely power efficient, producing an intense light output while using relatively low power. With a light output of up to 30% more than conventional ballasts, it is no wonder why more and more people are turning to the Lumatek Digital Ballast range.

Lumatek Digital ballasts use switching electronics and small frequency inductors to control the current and voltage to the lamp. They contain a ‘micro-processor’ similar to what’s used in a home computer.

This allows them to;
- run both M.H and HPS lamps
- make adjustments based on the type of lamp it's running, - compensate for degrading lamps by changing the output.

All Lumatek ballasts incorporate 'Soft Start' technology allowing them to use very low start up currents (amps). This is a huge advantage when using multiple ballasts, allowing more units to be turned on at the same time off the same circuit or timer.


The 400 volt Lumatek Ballast run with the a 400 volt lamp gives a substantial increase in crop growth by providing a better colour spectrum emitted from the lamp, providing a much plant friendlier spectral energy.
The ballast can sense which type of HPS lamp is being driven and will adjust accordingly. If a standard format HPS lamp is used the performance will be the same as using a standard Lumatek ballast. Using the 400 volt lamp and ballast together will see the higher performance.


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