The purified, stabilized coco substrate is carefully selected by Jiffy to give a maximum WHC of 60-75% with a homogenous distribution. Air filled porosity of 20-35% ensures optimum oxygen diffusion rates in the root zone. The high water holding capacity and air-filled porosity result in both rapid rooting and growth of stronger roots. Jiffy Growblock plants bring on rapid vegetative growth.Growblock is made of 100% coco substrate which is delivered as a dry plate enclosed in netting. After adding liquid, the plate expands into a block or media slab for planting. Jiffy has produced Growblock to be a container and media in one, saving the grower transportation and storage costs. The innovative netting can be adjusted to the level of degradability necessary to match the expected life span of the crop. The adjustable degradable netting also keeps the media inside each block, keeping the greenhouse environment clean. After rapid expansion with a water and fertilizer solution, Growblock is ready for the propagation or cultivation of plants. The product can be delivered in three sizes, and seedling holes are variable according to your crop need


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