Aero System

If you are looking for one of the most efficient hydroponic techniques to grow plants, aeroponic systems of growing plants would be the perfect choice for you. The process is accomplished by spraying a nutrient solutions to the roots of plants without using any growing medium. 

  1. It uses considerably less energy and water than traditional agriculture.

  2. Since, air acts as a medium to grow plants, considerably less maintenance is needed.

  3. In this system, the plant roots are exposed to sufficient oxygen and they can easily absorb it. This promotes quick and disease-free plants growth. Moreover, the mist used on roots can be sterilized to prevent plant disease.

  4. Aeroponic systems are 100% safe and help the environment by conserving water and reducing the amount of human labor involved.

  5. Aeroponic methods grow plants faster than any other conventional means.

  6. In aeroponics you can easily clean your system and replace old plants with new ones.